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Who We Are:

We're a new small team of tech nerds who enjoy making high quality anime and video game music remixes from our favorite shows and series. We also like to remix any other music that strikes our fancy.


What We Do:

We are huge nerds, so we know what the fans would want to see. As of right now, our main thing we like to do is make anime and video game music remixes. We are also dedicated to making nerdy ringtones and wallpapers available exclusively on Zedge. You can find our profile by going here. We currently have the highest badge of honor, and it's all thanks to our great fans out there! We are officially "ZEDGEHEADS".

What Lightsomecore Means:

An upbeat anime, video game, or other music remix where the pitch/vocals are always lower than the original and the speed of the song is always faster than the original. Certain audio enhancements are also added for an even better listening experience. All this combined gives the song a fun and interesting twist that makes it sound awesome. Originated from StrifeSoldierVII Media.

Not Nightcore. We're Different:

What does that mean? The term "Nightcore" describes a song that has only one thing - increased speed, which makes it fast and the pitch increase makes the vocals sound like a chipmunk. We don't do that! We're in the business of creating "Lightsomecore" music remixes, which is a concept and term that we at StrifeSoldierVII Media have started. Rest assured that all music we remix is of the highest quality, and we'd like to keep it that way.

The Team Name:

StrifeSoldierVII comes from our love of Final Fantasy VII. It's our favorite game of all time! Strife is Cloud's last name, SOLDIER is the military organization, and VII is for the game number in the series. There you have it!


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